About NatureSays

NatureSays is a consultancy firm specializing in the application of biomimetic (nature-inspired) strategies to educate, enhance, and inspire.  Organically born out of the deep study of environmental, population, and ecosystem biology, NatureSays began with a simple fascination for the unique behavior of the world's most interesting animals, and quickly led to the recognition that these time-tested adaptations have much to teach us about human collaboration, competition, motivation, happiness, success, and so much more.  It isn't just velcro, sonar, and antibiotics that nature has so elegantly produced over the centuries, but it has also refined the importance of interpersonal connections, the consequences of arms races, and how to effectively search for life sustaining resources.

NatureSays, founded and operated by Kurt D. MacDonald, offers training programs, educational content, communication platforms, non-fiction essays, and public speaking programs that showcase the utility and lessons taught by nature and science.  

For example, a diminutive crustacean searching for a reproductive partner in the chaos of a turbulent ocean teaches us how to find and follow our passions; a bolas spider’s curious hunting tactics helps us avoid the too-good-to-be-true offers that inundate our lives; and altruism seen in the behavior of vampire bats provides important lessons for sustaining essential personal and professional relationships.

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